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dolphin, turtle and whale release depending on the season

Bato Pei
Located at the marina of Saint-Gilles-Les-Bains, Bato Péï offers trips to the sea in all friendliness and authenticity.
Several walks are offered:


Exit 1:15 am combining on one side a discovery to take the time to contemplate the beauty of the island and the other part of sensations of fifteen minutes with peaks of more than 35 knots. A drink will be offered.
During this excursion it is not uncommon to see turtles, dolphins and whales in season.

Opening hours: 13h30 / 15h15 / 17h00


With a duration of 1h30, in search of dolphins all year and whales in season, this outing will take you to the meeting of the cetaceans which cross off the island while carrying out a respectful approach of the observed species. drink will be offered.

Departure at: 8.30am / 10.30am

Prices :

Children under 12 years old: 15 €
Adults: € 20