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túnnel de lave à saint gilles les bains

Visit to the lava tunnels:
- New Blue Basin Tunnel (St Paul, in the west).
Small climb, observation of endemic birds nesting in the tunnel, large rooms with walls covered with magnesite crystals and abseiling to end the half-day.
Price: 50 € adults - 40 € children

- 2004 pouring tunnel (Sainte Rose): it is exceptional to be able to visit such a young lava tunnel. 2 routes in this tunnel
- A large crossing of 2.5 km (4-5h), to the less frequented parts of the tunnel, the opportunity in particular to pass under the large skylights.
Price: 65 € adults - 45 € children

- A discovery (3h), narrowest passage 10m on your knees, you will learn how the tunnels are formed and will be able to observe many geological formations. Our little extra we offer on these 2 courses optional sports variants for adventurers.
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Price: 50 € adults - 45 € children